Speaker manufacturer to tell you what are the failure analysis

by:HTong      2020-09-22

speaker manufacturer to tell you what fault analysis

speaker system is one of the important part of audio equipment, usually by the speaker, frequency divider, enclosure, sound-absorbing materials, etc. Speaker system failure rate is low, fault type, less common faults have the following four categories. Speaker wire is broken or abnormal frequency divider. Speaker wiring after fracture, the speaker unit without excitation voltage, will result in silent failure. Divider is not easy to break, but possible joint sealing off, frequency division lead capacitance short circuit fault, etc. Voice coil is broken. Available multimeter R x 1 gear measuring speaker lead wire welding, if resistance is up, use a knife to the voice coil two ends of lead sealing paint scraping, measured again after exposing bare copper wire, if still not, is the voice coil internal bolt; If the measure up with & quot; Raise price & quot; , suggests that voice coil circuit, lead to thread superior solder, and the other with a close to voice coil winding of the enameled wire welding can be completed. Speaker wire broken. Due to the loudspeaker paper cone vibration frequency, the braided wire is easy broken, sometimes wire is broken, but cotton core is still keep connection. The braided wire is not easy to buy, can use soft wire instead of longer. Voice coil burned. The speaker wire is measured with a multimeter R x 1 ', if the resistance is close to 0 Ω, and no 'raise price' sound, suggests that voice coil burned. Before you replace the voice coil, should remove impurities in the magnetic gap, and then carefully put new voice coil in the magnetic gap, rotary's pronunciation, listening while with super glue and fixed position of the voice coil and, after waiting for voice coil placed in the best position, use super glue to fill the clearance between the paper cone and voice coil to about half, finally sealed dust cover, the loudspeaker paper cone up, place a day after can be normal use.

sound sometimes no

1. The speaker fuses. Usually voice coil wire mould broken or improper welding, paper cone vibration frequency, breakpoint and sometimes on, sometimes disconnected, the formation of irregular ring does not ring when the fault. Voice coil lead wire break or short circuit. Power amplifier output pin or poor contact amp input line break off. Loudspeaker performance is bad, magnetic steel magnetic decline. The speaker mainly depends on the sensitivity of a permanent magnet magnetic, strengths and weaknesses of the quality of the paper cone and the assembly process. Available ferromagnetic objects touch magnetic steel, according to the size of the appeal is roughly estimate the strength of the magnetic steel magnetic, if the magnetism is too weak, can only replace the speaker. Loose core column. When loose core column of a speaker, will be permeable plate absorption to one side, make the voice coil normal obstruction by extrusion. Maintenance can handle gently press paper cone, if not, may be voice coil by core column pressure, to remove and after cement was used to recover. Abnormal frequency divider. When bad divider in components and the corresponding frequency band of signal is blocked, the spectrum speaker volume small problems. Should focus on check points frequency capacitance shunting and woofer short circuit, and the frequency division with the tweeters parallel inductance coil is short circuit between the layers.

abnormal voice

1. Magnetic gap with sundry. If there is debris into the magnetic gap, voice coil vibration and sundry rubbing against each other, when they lead to voice hoarse. Voice coil core. Voice coil malposition, brush touch with magnetic core, causing distortion, maintenance should be corrected when voice coil position or change the voice coil. Broken paper cone. Damage should be replaced paper cone area is large, the damage area is small paper cone a thinner or other available paper toughness good repair. Bad housing. Box sealed or decoration net installation is firm, etc, will cause the play have a crack. In addition, housing plate is too thin cause resonance, also can produce abnormal sound.

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