Speaker manufacturers to teach you how to according to the speaker parameters of choose and buy sound box

by:HTong      2020-09-04

no matter what type of speaker, will have its own parameters, but many speakers at reading when the choose and buy, buy by our own feeling only, but it is not easy to buy the right speaker, now let speaker manufacturers will teach you how to choose and buy according to the parameters of the speaker bluetooth speakers.

1。 According to the frequency response range.

the human ear can hear the voice of the frequency range is 20 hz - — 20000 hz, so speakers wide frequency response range of little better than the frequency response range, because once appear distortion, large range of frequency response of speakers, the sound is still smaller than frequency response range of speakers is richer, effect is better.

2。 According to the impedance.

the impedance of the speaker is lower, the greater the input current, so when the choose and buy should choose impedance large speakers, at present there are four common impedance Ω Ω, 6, 8 Ω, 16 Ω etc. , and 8 Ω is recommended value of the international standard.

3。 According to the sensitivity.

sensitivity is influence the parameter of speaker volume, under the same distance, volume, the higher the sensitivity of speakers, the greater the voice, and do not affect the sound quality. However, the improvement of sensitivity will affect distortion, distortion degree in quality when buy so and trade-offs between choice.

4。 According to the signal to noise ratio.

signal-to-noise ratio refers to the normal sound of sound playback the ratio of signal and noise signal when no signal, in general, the larger the SNR, the smaller the mixed noise in the signal, the higher the quality of the sound playback. Signal-to-noise ratio generally should not be less than 70 db, hi-fi speaker should reach the signal-to-noise ratio of more than 110 db.

5。 The distortion degree.

for multimedia speakers, the distortion is inevitable, but if in a reasonable scope, impact on the speaker sound quality is not too big. 2. Zero distortion degree of the speakers should be under 1%, X. 1 series distortion degree of the speakers can be below 5%.

6。 Rated power.

power has a power rating and the maximum power point, but now many manufacturers in order to cater to consumer psychology, often labelled speaker power very big, so when the choose and buy sound box, to the power rating shall prevail. Power the index does not mean that the quality of the speakers, and not the bigger the better, just provides the reference basis for the choice of power amplifier.

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