The architecture of the card speaker

by:HTong      2020-09-25

card speakers generally refers to the current market support or can read SD, TF, etc. These memory processor speakers, with the traditional computer speakers, cell phone speakers, card speakers unique decoding function, making it more favored by consumers, because of this, it was becoming audio decoding king of empire. At present, many speakers brand has production card box, card box, except for a portable speaker many multimedia 2 now. 1 amp also has the function of reading card.


card speakers mainly by the speaker, cavity, power amplifier of three parts. Speaker

the speaker ( Speaker unit) In card speaker equipment is one of the most weak, for card speaker effect, it is one of the most important

the parts. Card speaker speaker of electrodynamic loudspeaker, it USES voice coil and diaphragm between constant magnetic field force vibration and sound, is characterized by fast response speed, small distortion, replay the sound quality is exquisite, administrative levels feels good. Cavities

cavity is used to eliminate the speaker unit of short circuit, inhibit its acoustic resonance, broaden the scope of its frequency response, reduce the distortion. Card speakers exist - the purpose of the cavity - Mainly in order to prevent the speaker diaphragm pros and cons of acoustic signal directly form a loop, cause only wavelength small high intermediate frequency sound can spread out, and other sound signals are superimposed cancel out. Pa

power amplifier is mainly composed of inductor, passive components such as resistors, capacitors filter networks, the audio signal sent to the corresponding frequency spectrum

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