The bluetooth speaker market demand

by:HTong      2020-08-28

bluetooth speakers discussed the market demand of

current in digital speaker market, 90% are wireless bluetooth speakers, perhaps is the traditional multimedia speakers increased the bluetooth function. Many audio manufacturers to enhance investment in the bluetooth speaker, bluetooth speaker of new numerous and complicated, and the fruit of the slowdown in the traditional multimedia speakers. Manufacturers are based on market as the guidance, the issue of cost practice needs as a starting point, manufacturer probably say the changes will be. Speakers, card speakers after rare yards after digital speakers with bluetooth speakers, walk every step is followed by s development and broad practice requires of the cost. Bluetooth speakers hot market since the beginning of 2012, has successfully become market main speakers, become nowadays hot box type. So, bluetooth speakers professional market present situation how? In the future and how to carry out the bluetooth speakers? Bluetooth speakers discussed the market demand of bluetooth speaker manufacturers

bluetooth speaker industry why hot?

1 on mobile intelligent device's booming dongfeng

smartphones and tablets using scale is more and more over, tend to be popular. All but one question is the current mobile phone manufacturers and laptop brands are unable to process the question, it is quality question, listening to music can't satisfied with the mobile phone cost to seek the auditory enjoy music. Intelligent device with removable characteristics, in order to have a very good listener, thus occurs as mobile intelligent device optimal deployment of bluetooth speakers. User gradually sophisticated for bluetooth speakers to supply the outstanding development prospect, from the sales of smart phones and tablets can also see that the bluetooth speakers hot is understandable. Open mobile intelligent device has given rise to the bluetooth speakers.

2 liberated the wire bundle of bluetooth wireless transmission method speaker manufacturers

cable transmission method to squeeze the speakers use space, the speakers with the interval of broadcast equipment be constrained within the length of the wire size, it brought is not convenient for everyone to use. From the earlier wireless keyboard, at that time they envisioned speakers will one day will also use the method of wireless connection, limited to the skills of constraint and did not produce out, with the aid of mobile intelligent device swiftness of spring breeze, and bluetooth skills throughout, bluetooth speakers finally became popular. Together, also should see, the trend of wireless transmission is a must, is bound to achieve cost is approved.

has in the past 2012 years, for domestic professional audio, is considered to be a bluetooth speaker started a year, most of the brands are now targeting bluetooth speaker market, beginning at the mall, in the case of goods more wait for bluetooth in 2013 s all coming together, of course, there are a number of lead or lag in bluetooth brand, but in any case, the whole industry have begun to focus on the bluetooth, and the bluetooth as one of the new growth point.

bluetooth speakers, audio industry in launch's cost is like, bluetooth speakers store hot also let each big manufacturer riveting for intensify development. Face of the cost, the manufacturers are also facing strong competition pressure. Bluetooth speaker is a big piece of cake, all in an attempt to get a different manufacturer. According to incomplete statistics, baoan solid defensibly local concentration of more than 60% of the country's speaker factory, the factory can have with bluetooth. Under en-masse input set, the bluetooth speakers on the mall has become full, bluetooth speaker industry has entered the warring states period s, bluetooth speakers profit space is tight, but should still have market space in the future. Bluetooth speakers wholesale

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