The bottle as a sound 'scaffolds'? Japanese manufacturers push cap type bluetooth stereo

by:HTong      2020-09-28
There were many on the market of the existing bluetooth stereo, but shape is still a lack of new idea on the plan. Recently, the Japanese manufacturers planning out a very strange bluetooth stereo, its shape looks like a special JiuPingGai. In addition to planning with new surprise appearance, at the bottom of the bluetooth stereo also has a LED lamp, users will be able to put in glass bottles of different decorations, under the LED lights illuminate of sound can present different effects. Users can also avoid lawsuits light use bluetooth stereo directly on the stage, about 1 acoustic power output. 7W。 When you don't open the lamp life time up to 12 hours, after open the lamp of the life time is about 3 hours and 30 minutes. Price, lawsuits light bluetooth stereo is estimated to be 6100 yen ( About 406 yuan) 。
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