The characteristics of the portable bluetooth wireless speakers

by:HTong      2020-09-18

bluetooth speakers recommended portable bluetooth wireless speakers can directly play your SD/MMC card, U disk, MP3 format audio files. Don't need to switch, remember read automatically. Enjoy the mobile music with a strong multimedia music wireless bluetooth speakers, perfect phone music player, MP3, MP4, laptop, PC.

a portable wireless bluetooth speakers for 3 music cell phones and laptop computers. 5 mm standard interface connector, such as the customer's requirements, to provide the interface connector of form a complete set, and at the same time apply to MP3/4, PC, iPod. Wireless bluetooth speakers take 3. 5mm( Apply NokiaN95, etc. ) Multi-functional audio plug. Can the 3. 5mm( NokiaN95) Audio plug connected to the corresponding adapter into NokiaN73 / N70 dedicated audio, audio NokiaN6300 special-purpose plug plug, so wireless bluetooth speakers are applicable to all the music player. 3, a portable wireless bluetooth speakers without consuming battery power, carry rechargeable lithium battery, is a professional portable music devices. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery can work 2 to 5 hours, charging time by 2 to 3 hours. With FM radio, plug in usb drive or SD card, can show which song oh when play ( Will not be able to display the lyrics) 。

portable planning is to simplify wireless bluetooth speakers connect and use an effective way, give a person the feeling of more concise, so whether the portable mini wireless bluetooth speaker or desktop mini wireless bluetooth speaker, there are many design with integrated planning.

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