The choose and buy computer speakers should pay attention to

by:HTong      2020-09-25

more and more people like to own a computer with a computer speakers, but do you know the choose and buy computer speakers should pay attention to what? Let me tell you the truth.

a, shell.

when the choose and buy computer speakers, first come into contact with the appearance of the speaker, the speaker shell is involved. Computer speakers of the shell material at the end of the day to roughly three: wood, plastic and metal. Some people think, the quality of wooden case of computer speakers, the sound quality is absolutely better than other materials of the computer speakers. Actually this specific issue concrete analysis, in fact, as long as it is technology, technology, material, its quality and sound quality must be not bad, otherwise there is a good case, other ways to do well. In addition, the choice of plastic, metal shell of computer speakers when had better choose environmental protection material produced by speakers.

2 and signal-to-noise ratio.

SNR is active, one of the main parameters of the internal power amplifier performance refers to the ratio of signal and noise, this ratio, the better, the greater the general professional HIFI speakers signal-to-noise ratio reaches more than 90 db. And, of course, the ordinary computer speakers are also don't have to be asked too much, but when the choose and buy should test, the method is: through the power of the computer speakers, in the case of don't pick up sound source opening to maximum volume, without noise or noise is smaller, the better.

3, frequency response.

frequency response frequency response, is the speakers can playback range of frequencies. The scope of the auditory is 20 hz ~ 2000 hz, so computer speakers to playback as possible in the range of the frequency response. But because of technology, technical limit is unlikely to be so, merchants of the frequency response of speakers is less than this range, but should be as close as possible as well.

4, power.

power is also a computer speakers when the choose and buy should pay attention to, but when choosing computer speakers also cannot blindly trust power, should give priority to with practical the auditory. For general computer speakers, at the time of normal input signal, if the volume knob in open till four points to reach the volume of the normal is ok.

ok, this is choosing a computer speakers generally should pay attention to a few, and the color, shape, size, etc. See individual be fond of.

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