The choose and buy of household mini speakers and layout

by:HTong      2020-09-22

your acoustics is a kind of mini audio, a lot of brothers also referred to as 'usb audio, usb interface to connect computer or usb hub, dainty, convenient to carry, novel styles. Mini audio to join the vast majority of audio output device, such as mp3, mp4,'t a mp5, cell phone, computer, etc. ( Some devices may need to transfer the interface) 。

originally, mini audio's primary role is to improve the acoustic environment of the single room, regardless of the rest is still doing the housework at to be able to create a good atmosphere. Many men love up in the morning to hear the news, women love costumes and appreciate music. Because of its simple structure, mini audio in addition to the power supply without too many wires, not only can be moved around, also won't interfere with the decoration of the house.

the choose and buy of desktop audio method

this kind of small sound in general can be divided into two classes.

( 1) Active speaker class.

advantages: simple, two boxes, power amplifier of the components are in the inside of the box body to speakers, power switch and the volume knob installed on the body surface, such as low price.

faults: relatively speaking, the sound quality is poorer. Reason: the speaker is shaking voice and audio power amplifier components afraid vibration expected to quiet, it is both a pair of opposites. The less symmetrical (two, A there a amplifying circuit) Expect stereo, listen to music.

( 2) Fission music center.

strength: with active speakers than par, the sound quality is better. Is characterized by two box body and an amplifier, electrical safety.

disadvantages: high quotation. Reason: the power amplification components alone into the metal casing, the cost increase.

at present a lot of mini combo stereo with a CD player and radio function, price is higher.

usually sound system the performance of the lowest frequency can be selected in more than 40 hz, of course this is only one unit for each speaker. If each speaker to ensure the two units, the sound effects will improve a lot.

sound layout and maintenance strategy

usually small desktop audio speaker layout of two speakers we stand for you in the nearest to the listening position, position an axis of symmetry in the room. Two speakers distance not too far, or otherwise the two speakers of power of the desktop audio, it is hard to balance to generate a sound field.

with sound-absorbing structure due to not professional listening room, so best to lower the number of sound bounces back and forth in the room, to prevent because too much cause reflection noise increases, also avoid two channel reflection path is not the same around the sound field caused by the imbalance.

phone to stay away from for maintaining amp circuit, although your desktop acoustics can be arbitrary, but must with mobile phones, cordless phones, televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens item distance, far from computer case is best. Different electrical appliances 'from' put, able to keep the best electric circuit will not produce damage because of the mutual interference.

sound source is important sound again good, no good music is also no use. Due to desktop audio is commonly used in the bedroom and kitchen and other little space to create music background, thus we advocate the use of desktop audio consumer can try to use more resistant to listen to classical music, light music, or listen to FM radio, broadcast quality large capacity of md is good too. /

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