The choose and buy outdoor bluetooth speakers?

by:HTong      2020-09-20
Below, we look at high quality cheap speakers skills of choose and buy.

sound quality ( Sound)

any type of speakers, the most important is quality. Thousands of outdoor speakers on the market was probably just the three types classified: single cylinder, 'square', 'pot'.

cheap monocular speakers tend to become buyers first choice of outdoor speakers zero experience, although some sound quality will get by, but to his used by speakers of single horn monocular sound actually is much less than the two speakers 'square' or 'kettle' sound. In accordance with the existing domestic audio technology, regardless of monocular speakers which prides itself on how good the quality of the speaker how technology is advanced, and double horn speaker compared also immediately back to prototype. Very noisy in the outdoor environment, usually need to sound strong and powerful, such an environment, a single horn speaker is the heart is unable to do, too. If a super cheap speakers is stronger than in the hands of your mobile phone, it might as well just buy a expansion sound suppressor. Now that need good quality outdoor speakers, it is suggested to buy a pair of speakers outdoor speakers.

quality identification besides the speaker unit also need to listen to the equilibrium degree of each frequency band. Can try to listen to some broadband loud music, such as large film music. Then comparing the frequency, high frequency band to clear fully, soft no hissing sound is not hard. In the spectrum to warm, reduction of vocal expression to real and fine. Low frequencies to dynamic and not loose. Such quality to put any type of music would be all right. When music listen to also is, of course, try to avoid the wall reflection interference, otherwise, I'm afraid in the outdoor environment is unsatisfactory. If it's in a noisy environment had a very good voice, indoors also is no problem.

finally, take a look at the signal to noise ratio ( The dB) The dB value comes higher said speaker of the stronger anti-jamming ability, the higher the quality of sound, fidelity effect is better. So the signal-to-noise ratio is bigger, the better, in general, outdoor speakers signal-to-noise ratio should not be less than 68 db.


a outdoor speakers if listening to music soon need to recharge, not only very disappointing, but also can bring many inconvenience ( Mobile power supply will have the end of time) 。 A good outdoor speakers will need to have a good life. We will not intentionally shutdown or boot, outdoors more aware of how long the battery can also be used, not active until really want to quiet when turn off the music, that is politics. If the strong interest, music and an abrupt end, that is very boring, so I need long life let the music uninterrupted broadcast.

cell is directly affect the determinants of life. Advice when the choose and buy to pick big battery capacity of speakers. Single horn outdoor speakers on the market generally cheap because only a smaller volume of the battery, and standby time is short, even more than 8 hours are few. Such a short time play fundamental can't satisfy the requirements of outdoor travel, so suggest choose life lasting double horn speaker.

portability when it comes to portability, people immediately think of small volume, light weight. Don't say small speakers of volume and quality defects, but the look and feel will appear cheap due to lack of sense of quantity. Actually portability is not as small as possible, but to see whether the speakers suitable degree. In outdoor activities, we will carry some necessary items, such as mountain climbing mountaineering bags, riding bicycles, or nothing. Applicability: this is where the speaker of the portable can be hung in the body, on the bike, such as like a kettle on the kettle on the opposite side of the rack, packed in bags or also can hang on the package. In many cases, the square of outdoor speakers don't apply. Such as cycling installation is inconvenient, mountain again or not good on both sides of the package. The kettle shaped speakers than applicable in such an environment.

feel respect, angular square speakers also does not have the rounded bottle type speakers feel comfortable. Travelling, or a proposal to buy round one outdoor speakers.

strong maneuverability, reasonable man-machine

outdoor speakers are mostly wireless bluetooth configuration, the bluetooth version available in the market have 2. 0, 2. 1, 3. 0, 4. 0 these a few versions. Don't think twice, the higher the version, the better. Version, the higher the receiving distance, the smaller the power loss of the speakers, the sound quality will be better.

many speakers button design is very unique, simple and easy to operate big keys is actually very human. A key function, fool operation, easy to understand, is easy to understand. For the composite keys of the speaker is not recommended, not only need and research shows that is easy to wrong operation. Small key speakers don't recommend more, in the fingers slightly larger a finger press down completely, this operation is very chaotic. So the suggestion of choose and buy big keys ( Single operations) Outdoor speakers, best can one hand operation and blind operation, will be more convenient.

many outdoor speakers with a hands-free function, I think this is human nature. Mobile phone radiation is big, not only twenty minutes with a dozen ears uncomfortable, so need to be able to have a hands-free function very well. Anti-corrosion

a professional outdoor speakers will definitely have the function of anti-corrosion, oneself use the rest assured, speakers and more durable. Three standard English named Ingress Protectone ( Entrance to protect) Abbreviation for IP. IP level can indicate the capability to resist the attack of liquid and solid products, when choosing outdoor speakers can look at the third level of IP. IP level the more senior the more powerful, it can according to need.

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