The development trend of card sound

by:HTong      2020-09-25

the development trend of card audio

2012 basically a digital card speakers fail every day, if the product costs 40 yuan, 20 yuan directly throw all channels, many channels opportunistic covet is cheap in order to earn a quick buck and embraced, to sweeten the industry at the same time, this product for many is committed to brand digital speaker manufacturers also staged disaster, many so-called brand manufacturers market downturn is also affected by the impact, the reshuffle has arrived ahead of time, see who can insist in the end, 2012 in the middle of the estimate can be clear at a glance.

from a technical point of view, its development trend is:

the first network

add wifi function, implementing networked

the second increase intelligent software function

such as machine learning, repeater,

the third emphasizes the function of radio

because it was very cheap radio functionality, some multiband radio chips, such as AM, FM, SW function has emerged, configured magnetic micro space line can achieve multiband receive

the fourth is to strengthen function of mobile TV

television antenna built-in full frequency, make this kind of terminal can receive analog and digital TV function.

the fifth pick up the Bluetooth module

high quality Bluetooth. 3. 0 + EDR, maximum receiving up to 10 meters, and voice clear, no echo, are you driving unique choice.

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