The difference between the bluetooth speakers and Wifi speaker

by:HTong      2020-08-31
The difference between bluetooth and WiFi

bluetooth and WiFi is a wireless connection, but with a different nature. Bluetooth speaker:

simple, bluetooth speakers is built-in bluetooth chip, to replace the traditional cable connection, bluetooth connection to connect more quickly and easily. But can't say bluetooth connection is all advantages, in fact, no matter how bluetooth technology development, the transmission bandwidth and connectivity with WiFi distance is a big gap, but the bluetooth speakers due to the popularity of the earlier, and the price is relatively cheap, so the public will be more easily.

advantages: connection simply and quickly, the price is relatively low, small easy to carry.

: transmission distance is shorter, transmission bandwidth is unable to realize the transmission of high quality audio.

WiFi speaker:

WiFi speaker connections, simple, may be regarded as speakers built-in WiFi module will be launched in time of need, the speaker into a hot spot, then we devices such as mobile phone search own WiFi speakers, mobile phone and WiFi speaker can be completed through a wireless connection.

so, actually the WiFi speaker with bluetooth speakers some similar patterns of connection, but the WiFi speaker is based on a WiFi network connection, so its bandwidth and transmission distance than bluetooth speakers have a great progress. In addition, the WiFi speaker with mobile devices such as connection, will also have some disadvantages, such as, when you use their phones to connect WiFi speaker, the mobile network may not be able to even, this is because the WiFi speaker of your phone WiFi channel, let you play music on mobile phones can only become a tool.

advantages: can transmit high quality music, long transmission distance.

: mobile WiFi passageway, connection is relatively complicated.

which one would you prefer the speakers in the outdoor?

understand the bluetooth speakers and WiFi speaker in essence the difference between a and their respective advantages and disadvantages, so if let you choose a outdoor wireless speakers to use products, which model will you choose?

in fact, even though both have their own advantages, but in terms of outdoor use, bluetooth speaker is more suitable for general users to use in the outdoor, because with the development of bluetooth technology and outdoor bluetooth speaker, bluetooth speaker has the protective effect of characteristics of powerful and easy to carry, while the transmission quality and distance is a big problem restricting the development of its, but since be used outdoors, so there are so many people really care about the effects of HiFi?

to WiFi speaker is more suitable for household environment, although the WiFi speaker is also a wireless connection, but the connection WiFi speaker can play music, local and mobile phones of mobile network channel, it still can't completely adapt to the outdoor use. So, at present most of the bluetooth speaker factory or mainly produce bluetooth speakers.

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