The function of sound box features have?

by:HTong      2020-08-30
Now in speaker, bluetooth speaker manufacturers simply replaced the traditional active stereo store location, occupied more than half a mall. Since 2011, the mall bluetooth speaker to show obvious increasing trend, both at home and abroad, the future bluetooth stereo market demand in recent years will continue to continue to increase. As we all know, consumer electronics update too fast, a lot of new products will ebb and flow, to eventually be eliminated. Bluetooth stereo is attributed to consumer electronics, so the bluetooth speakers wholesale and the development trend of the future will be how? Will be replaced by other products? We will analyze the function of the bluetooth stereo features: 1. With bluetooth wireless function, can not bound by active; Speakers custom. 2. In the wild, the use of bluetooth speaker is very popular, and more convenient to carry three speakers. Bluetooth speakers segmentation, field portable speaker, bluetooth speaker and so on household, household bluetooth speakers can use mobile phone, indoors can manipulate speakers anytime and anywhere, the shortcoming of traditional household active speakers must, will be replaced by the bluetooth speakers. So in bluetooth wireless category, the interaction of traditional speakers and bluetooth function, will occupy the speaker market, increase trend will be more and more obvious, the vision is very considerable. Speaker is now a use very wide range of products, product varieties and styles are very much, in the bluetooth speakers, with bluetooth function is the most rare. KINGREE bluetooth speaker is a modern style planning wireless smart speaker, you can use in most occasions. It beginning from 2013 has become hot in the gift industry products, so what makes this common KINGREE bluetooth speakers? Quality: the details clear, rich layers. There in the high frequency pure, beautiful, vocal and instrumental music is very real. Low frequency sound thick. In contrast, many small speakers sound like a powerful voice from the jar. Planning: use program of the essence of Europe and the United States about style, joined the elements of modern fashion, very joker in household, as one trend of art. Speakers use high-grade material, feels good. Function: can charge while listening to, the built-in high capacity lithium battery, long life, generally can use 10 hours continuously, completely no problem. Useful function: bluetooth transmission up to 10 meters, can be broadcasted in various places, not affected by the power cord, cable line length constraint, there various daily music can be satisfied with your requirements. Use: delicate speaker volume convenience you carry, from the study to the outdoor, KINGREE bluetooth speakers in different places can let you satisfied with your music broadcast requirements. To quality for the king's bluetooth speakers: for seeking about speakers sound quality, sound quality can say is its soul. Therefore KINGREE bluetooth speakers most attention is its quality. Wireless smart transmission of acoustic noise will cause loss, this is a need to deal with difficulty. KINGREE market mainly in Europe and the United States for more than a decade, and the most advanced science and technology set up a research center in the United States, the world of electroacoustic expert support, high technical content of the chip, advanced control circuit scheme, through this kind of effort, has now do nondestructive level, make the speaker sound quality more pure.
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