The high frequency, intermediate frequency and low frequency portable bluetooth speaker how to distinguish

by:HTong      2020-09-20

I long ago the frequency width of reference instrument, and orchestra of sound, will be 20 hz - Divided into 20 KHZ frequency in the extremely low frequency, low frequency, low frequency, intermediate frequency and high frequency, high frequency, seven period of extremely high frequency, etc. Of the seven noun in conformity with the general habits of the Chinese people, and easy to remember, don't confuse.

extremely low frequency

from 20 hz - I called the extremely low frequency 40 hz the octave. This spectrum instruments are very few, perhaps only the bass, bass bassoon, mediating, organ, piano and other Musical Instruments can reach so low range. Due to the extremely low frequency is not a musical instrument is the most beautiful range, so few composers write notes so low. Unless it's pop music in electronic synthesizer deliberately, or extremely low frequency is very helpful for audio fans. Some people mistake a piece of work, said that although instruments less low pitch, but partials to low to pitch the following. Originally this is not correct, because the pitch instrument is the lowest, and the sound will only with two times, three times, four times, five times? Down climb up, and there will be no sound. It's like you would a single string taut, the length of the string vibration frequency is pitch, half, a third, a quarter, one 5? Such as chord is harmonic vibration. Pitch with the addition of a harmonic is the sound of Musical Instruments. In other words, the violin and the flute even pitch ( Pitch) The performance of the same, also have different timbre.

at low frequency from 40 hz - This paragraph of frequency known as the low frequency 80 hz. The band have what musical instrument? Drums, bass, cello, bass bassoon, bassoon, bass extension number, bass clarinet, mediating, French horn, etc. This band is the figure which form the basis of deep low frequency. Generally, generally people will mistake the spectrum a extremely low frequency, because it sounds really is very low. If the quantity of the spectrum are too few, plentiful surging feelings must not; And can lead to high frequency, high frequency of outstanding, make sound lose balance, not durable. Low frequency in the

from 80 hz Between 160 hz, I called in the low frequency. The spectrum is the most headache of a Taiwan acoustics fan, because it is a magnificent and likelihood of ears. Why the spectrum peak very simple? With the small room of length, width and height size. Most of the people in order to remove the annoying peak, made efforts to absorb the spectrum, the ears are not interesting. Sorry, when your ears sounds not magnificent and yet, the low frequency and intermediate frequency above to below I'm afraid I have with the absorption of low frequency and in sub-sag, state, and make sound thin, lack of full feeling. Unfortunately most of the people more because peak disappear and think this is right. That is one of the reason many people home sound obvious enough. The spectrum of instruments including the mentioned just now in the low frequency instrument. By the way, timpani and bass also want to add to.

intermediate from hz - 160 Across three octave (1280 hz 320Hz、640Hz、1280Hz) I called the intermediate frequency between the frequency. This spectrum encompassing all Musical Instruments, vocals, so is the most important band. Readers are the biggest misconception about instrument range took place here. Much of the violin range in this band, for example, but ordinary people think it is very high; Don't think soprano range is very high, in general, the summit of her vocal range just also in intermediate frequency limit.

from the description above, you must also know how important it is to this period of intermediate frequency on the stereo. As long as the frequency sub-sag, acoustic performance immediately. Sometimes, the simple thin is interpreted as 'false aggregation'. I believe that there are so many audio fans are all in the case of the intermediate frequency sub-sag, and don't even know it. The importance of the spectrum at the same time also can from two sound way loudspeaker crossover point analysis. Generally two sound way loudspeaker crossover point around 2500 hz and 3000 hz, namely, said more than 2500 hz by high monomer, 2500 hz by bass in the monomer. This 'is 2 times of 1280 hz, 2500 hz also that said, for fear of bass monomer in the intermediate frequency limit in too much of a crossover point distortion, designers have to increase the frequency division point to intermediate frequency limit of two times, in this way, the most perfect intermediate frequency can be announced by the bass monomer. If this statement is correct, use high monomer do? If you've ever will ears close to the high monomer, you will hear a piece of 'hiss' sound, that is most of the overtones. If there is no high monomer announced the hissing sound, alone in a bass monomer to sing music, it must be dark. Of course, if it is the third road design of the horn, the intermediate frequency most will be included in the mediant monomer. High frequency

from 2560 hz 5120 hz Duan Pin this domain, I call it a high frequency. The Duan Pin domain for instruments, is now are rarely involved. Because in addition to the upper limit of the range of a violin, piano, piccolo high range, most other instruments will not appear in the spectrum. From the crossover points of the horn, we can find this Duan Pin domain all present in the high monomer. As I said, when you will ear near the high monomer, what you hear is not Musical Instruments sound, but a hiss. From the performance of high monomer, can once again proved that high monomer was seldom announced a musical instrument or vocal pitch, it just announced the pitch of the high harmonics.
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