The new wireless bluetooth speakers which good?

by:HTong      2020-08-30

wireless bluetooth speakers as currently very popular consumer electronics, the homogeneous design is inevitable, maybe someone spoil the uniform look like, want to play a curious again, might as well have a look at the new wireless bluetooth speakers, they are relatively unique, the existence of not, but its unconventional design has merit, then please reader slowly appreciate.

DE phil Teufel is the giant German audio consumer market, retail market in Europe has been occupied the top three, to enter the Chinese market late, plus marketing lack of power, the current profile is not enough.

however, although the fame is not big, but the product is diversified, Bamster series is its wireless speaker series. The Bamster wireless speaker if you don't show you reference, it would definitely be similar things as the echo wall.

it's actually flat long slender volume, the volume of only 72 x315x50mm, weighs 720 g. Built-in two loudspeakers and all 2 Radiator voice of unit 2. 0 stereo sound channel, although small, but also can feel it at close range 3 d tide of sound field.

it's actual modelling, have certain elevation, actually this kind of design can be found in many speakers, informally is a pa.

in addition to support APTX, this kind of Teufel Bamster has a characteristic is that it has certain lighting effects, charging, save electricity, range early warning, the bluetooth pairing, and many other interaction detail can be in the light effect of experience. All metal fuselage life + Aptx + + 12 hour unique appearance, the current price of 1099 yuan, plus send a silver plated and Teufel headset, like to play with a strange can consider.

BOSE could cope with SONY solution over the years for many solution powder is not very willingly, solution have TV has a mobile phone have HIFI and so on product line, BOSE rely on wireless products and solution actually jealousness borne, kinda unfair.

but they forget there are specializing in, although BOSE wireless products on the voice is far from being the HIFI friends eyes burning, but also a serious to do research and development, which hung on the neck of SOUNDWEAR bluetooth speaker is an example.

the fuselage shell is a thick layer of silicone material, placed at each end around a stereo speakers, reoccupy audio guided wave tube technology is linked together, the speaker up, user wearing the right at its 'emperor', although is put outside, but the people around you may not feel it.

in addition to the bold design on sound quality, BOSE SOUNDWEAR there are three physical control keys to achieve interaction, at the same time support the phone and call SIRI, its biggest significance is liberated the hands and ears, can say is the BGM and users together, of course the premise is you have the courage to hang it in the neck, 2488 yuan price is also need faith support activities.

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