The old driver points minutes to teach you how to choose the bluetooth speakers

by:HTong      2020-08-30
Old driver points minutes to teach you how to choose the bluetooth speakers a bluetooth speaker, is very important part of the embedded wireless module. What is a wireless module? Official site of the statement is: wireless module is composed of integrated IC, PCB, field components. At present the best yes bluetooth module is CSR. Is because it has strong compatibility mode, and, after the mobile terminal for connecting the reliability of the main performance is stronger, so choose the CSR's audio wireless module are mainly more smoothly. Natural, currently on the market a lot of bluetooth speakers use bluetooth module is low cost, this product not only large calorific value in connection with the machinery and equipment and no smooth, this is why we in the application of the very cheap bluetooth speakers are very vulnerable to influence or appear to break even. In addition must pay attention to is that a bluetooth speaker of the bluetooth protocol is also very important. To get more smooth connection, you need to choose the higher bluetooth protocol. At present more popular is bluetooth 4. 1, 4. 2 the version number, the two version number has the function of low loss, stable data signals, faster connection, as well as good anti-interference performance. Is NFC function, another pay special attention to the role of official statement is offline communication technology, it allows for non-contact point-to-point connections among electronic products. On the bluetooth speakers, NFC is one of the mobile phone bluetooth connection each other, we know the bluetooth speakers match with a mobile phone to open the bluetooth and retrieval machine equipment, and application of NFC function need not so much, you just put the phone ( Must pay attention to is on the phone to apply NFC) A light touch and sound on the NFC region can be mobile phone bluetooth, is very convenient. This role at this stage is one of the android client, nature is also very powerful, Such as can also according to the NFC card reset, very powerful) 。 Natural for a sound, tone is one of the focuses of the customer. Though bluetooth sharing in data signal transmission efficiency with damage, but in view of the user of this damage is insignificant. Currently on the market today many cheap bluetooth speaker appearance are very fashion, but the sound is very poor. Manufacturer and grandiose propaganda planning cause some new customers by cheating, buy back later found sound bad can't hear at all. When it comes to endurance, the first to speak, now on the market of bluetooth speaker key into the family pack and portable outdoor two types. You don't need too care about family life of bluetooth speakers ( It is ok to use at any time with filling) 。 But the range of outdoor bluetooth speakers must pay attention to, such as when they travel, outdoor sent to use bluetooth speakers, we can share the songs. But if just put two hours of songs sound the power went out, so embarrassing. So a portable bluetooth speaker range is crucial for normal application.
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