The stereo power amplifier common sense

by:HTong      2020-09-22

the stereo equipment and home audio, also want to use the power amplifier. The people new to the car stereo, for also installed power amplifier in the car, or even to install multiple power amplifier, that incredible. So why do you want to install power amplifier? Because car power supply voltage is only 14. Power (4 v, P) Voltage (= U) X current ( I) , if only use the host's own power amplifier, can reach 4 x55w, most can only promote the power of small speakers, distortion, and large volume will be sounded stiff, lack of flexibility. Ear hearing has a limit, the lower limit of less than can hear the volume of the upper limit, which is why the music is always at the beginning of a feeling.

to make any sound reached the most realistic condition is difficult: the windshield, inner decoration, engine and chassis and tire noise when driving on the road, has great impact on listening environment; After low pressure level and low level power is also a very big defects, unable to replay music all the information. To solve these problems needs to be equipped with power amplifier. Vehicle use within the power amplifier inverter power supply, to increase the supply voltage to + 40 v, power has been improved, so that can be used for high power of speakers, because the reserve capacity, increase the volume won't produce distortion, sound strong and full of elasticity. Especially in promoting the large size of the woofer, bass area more outspread, voice is plump.

today, though most manufacturers produce high power amplifier, but not general specification to each other, also does not require the unified power output standard, unlike household power amplifier has a power rating standard. In short, the power amplifier is to cooperate from the sound source, especially the quality and design and use of digital sound source, it does not make sound downgrade, on the contrary, particularly high efficiency, small power loss, wide range of USES, can extend the system, make its upgrading, for audio enthusiasts, is indispensable equipment. Power amplifier can be classified according to different purposes:

1, some auto power amplifier is designed specifically for promoting woofer, such as: kenwood KAC - PS401M( 14. 4 v, 4 ohm) X1, maximum power 1200 w. Built-in infrasound filter, eliminating the external filter.

2, power amplifier equalizer, such as: a 604 eqx SONY XM. EQX equipped with speakers have five section of the equalizer, but due to personal preferences or different car set-up space sound. Each EQX series there are 5 kinds of frequency for choice.

3, 5 channel power amplifier, such as: SONY XM a 405 eqx, kenwood KAC 859 etc, often use channel 2 or 4 channel power amplifier to drive around the speaker. Woofer is with the other power amplifier, occupied area is too big, so the use of 5 channel power amplifier, a power amplifier can solve the problem.

4, multichip X CARDS, power amplifier, such as: live punch 400. 4. Unique X card provides the power amplifier is almost infinite variety of partials choice: high-pass, band-pass, low pass, even the super audio filter. It can play to the role of one to ten.

5, electronic audio power amplifier module type, such as: KICKER ZR360. The control module is to let you choose which kind of signals to the power amplifier and the power amplifier and RCA output, the frequency and selected need partials. By changing the module, can make a power amplifier into a variety of power amplifier is used.

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