The world famous fever acoustics brand list

by:HTong      2020-09-22

for music enthusiasts, who owns a belongs to own a fever acoustics is a dream, and when choosing a fever acoustics is inevitable to an understanding of its brand, good brand products can have a good acoustics, exactly what fever acoustics brand in the world? Below small make up together and to know it.

fever acoustics description

fever acoustics is the people often say HI - 'Fidelity', is the translation of FI stereo, simple understanding is very good acoustics sound system, strictly speaking HIFI sound is the voice of the original highly similar replay sound. Now a lot of sound that they produced brand replay sound device or sound is one of the best HIFI sound, but the real audio enthusiasts don't think now is a sound brand can say HI - they sound can really do The effect of the FI.

fever acoustics top 1: the MBL ( Germany)

brand is introduced: the MBL is famous gourmet audio brand in Germany, the MBL fever acoustics fever acoustics gobbledygook voted by the United States music lovers dream ultimate speakers.

product features: the MBL fever acoustics from electronic equipment to the speaker, by micro volume knob to power amplifier chassis is delicate and exquisite workmanship, ensures product every detail to achieve high standards, products have 306 degrees of omni-directional loudspeaker design, let the user no matter from which Angle to be able to experience the immersive feel.

fever acoustics top 2: B& W ( The UK)

brand is introduced: B& W is a British top audio manufacturers, over the years, B& W has been committed to the r&d and production of various kinds of speakers and peripheral products, are popular with many music enthusiasts.

product features: B& W sound is very valued voice permeability, can make the sound field can more accurately reproduce, unit is linear permutation and combination, the speaker is relatively compact, but the tone is very full of acme, the design feels dye-in-the-wood.

fever acoustics top 3: YBA ( French)

brand is introduced: YBA Phlox electronics corp. 's brand is France, it is a special research and development and production of high quality audio company, with the most simple circuit to make the most efficient products, are popular with many customers.

product features: YBA fever acoustics its style, route and style extremely personality, three solid metal foot supporting a three-point suspension, its power switch is designed at the bottom of the product, so the effect of anti resonance is a very high praise, has plenty of power output, the timbre is glittering and translucent connect fully, have very good sound quality effect.

fever acoustics top 4: KRELL ( The United States)

brand is introduced: America Clare co. , LTD. Is a company specializing in the production of advanced audio equipment, its products include the equipment, digital audio power amplifier and some pre amplifier and so on, in the United States has its own solid status.

product features: Claire fever acoustics on the characteristics of sound with a fast, effect is good, analytical, and so on characteristics, strong and strong low frequency control and dynamic sound is very exquisite, both bass and treble to is very comfortable, not sharp.

summary: fever acoustics market now has been more and more good, also emerged many brand products, so for audio enthusiasts, must fully understand the fever acoustics brand, such ability in the selection of good quality brands, tone pure product.

above is about sound related introduction, if you want to learn more about the sound of the relevant information, please attention, will provide you with more information, more detailed and updated information.

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