Those who sell to the out of stock of the bluetooth speaker exactly?

by:HTong      2020-08-29

with the improvement of living standard, people for the enjoyment of music and requirements have also been a big change. Smart speaker since 2014, four years later, the category stop more intelligent speech technology, it is with a wave of fire bluetooth portable speaker. Whether to go out tourism, even climb a mountain, or leisure, the work of the relaxation in the home, bluetooth speakers more and more frequent in our field of vision. Best-selling bluetooth speaker sound quality is good, not only the price also is unexpected people. Here to introduce you to a few hot style was last year the parity of bluetooth speakers, to listen to music as a way of life to enjoy. 1. Small degree of intelligent speaker comment on: small degree of intelligent speakers access QQ music legitimate resources, with sound, interaction, content is specially designed for children children model, intelligent voice DuerOS AI system, 1. 75 inches full frequency magnetic speaker professional net cloth, 360 ° surround sound field; High sensitive ring wheat pickup, rapid speech recognition; Content of baidu series, fruit shell, Keep, and many other partners. 2. Millet bluetooth speakers a new comment on: millet bluetooth speakers touted to pocket, only pencil box size, full metal fuselage design, convenient to carry; Support SD card playback, built-in microphone, hands-free calls. On the quality of 'double color injection molding' unibody bass music details of radiator reduction, 36 mm double voice unit, quality full and moving. 3. SONY Ericsson S - 35 review: SONY Ericsson this bluetooth speaker with compact design, fashionable and changeable small apple shape UV bring comfortable feel soft plastic shell; 40 mm speaker + 40 mm low-frequency diaphragm dual-core power amplifier technology, spherical cavity design, convey sound near its border effect; At the top of the arc light touch panel, light effect along with the gender switch, intelligent bluetooth, a key on the phone, last for up to five hours. 4. Huawei cygnet wireless bluetooth speaker review: huawei whistling sound box version there are four color optional profusion, exterior surface using piano lacquer that bake, shaped like a swan attitude; 360 degrees high-definition surround sound, use the CSR bluetooth 4. 0 chip, can be connected at the same time two terminal equipment; A hands-free phone hands free; The top USES capacitive touch panel, USB interface can charge the battery easily. 5. Wharton win H8 review: w win H8 outstanding appearance, LED display screen design, high-definition mirror 50 mm long stroke loudspeakers passive diaphragm + 50 mm, shock three-dimensional heavy bass sound, is both the speakers and digital alarm clock, the built-in FM radio, a built-in temperature sensor, the real-time temperature display; Without the bluetooth output devices, 3. 5 mm interface cable directly connected both old and new equipment. The built-in 2000 mah, CD quality. 6. Ke ling A8 bluetooth player review: ke ling A8 touch-screen bluetooth speakers, ultra-thin design, can be directly fit into a pocket, built-in speaker, independent bass diaphragm unit; Built-in high-performance lithium-ion batteries, a full can use 10 hours, bass chip can be smart noise reduction, compatible with cell phone tablet. Support the computer connection, hands-free calls. 7. SONY ( 索尼) SRS- SONY (XB01 review: 索尼) SRS- XB01 have multiple fresh color design, small light, the same color bind carry; Speakers have IPX5 waterproof level, mild rain; Operational boot on the fuselage, broadcast, and raise the volume button, sustainable 6 hours playing and audio input interface, no bluetooth can also play; Can call a hands-free calls.

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