WeChat alipay payment voice prompt bluetooth speakers use method

by:HTong      2020-09-14
WeChat alipay payment bring us endless is convenient, but it also brings us a lot of trouble, for example, won't have time to see the customer payment situation, qr code is malicious nestlings that mobile phones gathering hint sound is too small, makes some users will always worry about not receive money, etc. Want to think of the client, the sorrow of the client, voice prompt bluetooth speakers receiving broadcast out loud voice, easily say goodbye to troubles. Voice prompt bluetooth speaker is suitable for all kinds of snack, milk tea shops, restaurants, convenience stores, vegetable market, etc. So the use of the voice prompt bluetooth speaker is what? First of all, we should make sure voice prompt bluetooth speakers have electricity, only power adequate voice prompt bluetooth speakers can be used normally; Next, open the voice prompt bluetooth speakers switch, set up the phone, open mobile phone bluetooth, find the bluetooth device; Again, on a mobile phone can find matching wireless bluetooth speakers, point to connect a bluetooth device, set the wireless bluetooth speakers password. Some password instructions. Generally the password is 0000 or 1234, hear wireless bluetooth speakers & other; Du & throughout; Later, with a wireless bluetooth speakers have said even; Then, in the WeChat wallet open WeChat receiving voice prompt function; Then every pen by WeChat money through wireless bluetooth speaker speech. Bell with ears to hear the sound of collection, don't have to worry about not receive money. Voice prompt bluetooth speakers so practical. The above information is derived from: bluetooth speaker manufacturer, welcome to reprint, reprint please indicate the source. More piece recommendation: bluetooth speakers don't have electricity, how to recharge the bluetooth speakers?
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