WeChat gathering suggests little bluetooth speakers

by:HTong      2020-09-04
Work chat with friends to chat, to go to the market to buy food more than pay in cash or WeChat, colleagues said quickly & other; Certainly WeChat, even if only need to pay one yuan, WeChat will also choose to pay. ” Obviously, the market shops are mostly support WeChat pay it. WeChat pay how to confirm that the customer has to pay the correct amount? Today we are going to talk about is WeChat gathering suggests little bluetooth speakers. When we scan the store WeChat qr code to confirm payment, you will hear a ringing voice & other WeChat gathering XXX yuan & throughout; This is WeChat gathering suggests little bluetooth speakers. So how to choose a suitable WeChat receiving little bluetooth speakers? Considering the practical WeChat collection, when selecting a small bluetooth speakers the main is to allow for the volume of the little bluetooth speakers, battery life, and the bluetooth version. Little bluetooth speaker volume: when buying small bluetooth speakers playing around with little bluetooth speaker volume, small can determine the bluetooth speaker is not appropriate. Bluetooth version: little bluetooth speakers change new, every day in the new bluetooth version more advantages on the transmission distance, the current generic bluetooth version 4. 2 or more, so buying small bluetooth speakers to look for the bluetooth speaker bluetooth version. Range: WeChat gathering small speakers need to work for a long period of time, can't use half need to recharge, so battery life is key, WeChat gathering small speakers consider generally choose battery capacity around 800 mah. So WeChat receiving little bluetooth speaker how to use? 1. Make sure WeChat gathering little bluetooth speakers have electricity, 2. Open WeChat receiving little bluetooth speakers switch, set up the phone, open mobile phone bluetooth, find the bluetooth device; 3. On a mobile phone can find matching WeChat gathering little bluetooth speakers, point to connect a bluetooth device, and hear WeChat receiving little bluetooth speakers & other; Du & throughout; After a loud, said WeChat receiving little bluetooth speakers have connected; Next, open the WeChat wallet open WeChat receiving voice prompt function, can realize WeChat gathering voice to pull function. On the content source, main little bluetooth speakers, mini bluetooth speaker, portable bluetooth speaker, mobile charging treasure, etc. More see: /
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