What are the classification of bluetooth speakers?

by:HTong      2020-08-31
The first category: single horn of mini portable

mini portable bluetooth speaker points in terms of pronunciation unit mainly has a horn, a horn + a bass radiator, a horn + inverter hole and speaker diaphragm of a body to wait for a few kinds. Mainly divided into ordinary single cylinder on the function of mini bluetooth speaker and outdoor mini bluetooth speaker, etc.

ordinary monocular mini bluetooth speaker has simple structure, no need technical support, cheap, but life is short, mostly between 2 ~ 3 hours, that causes the speakers use limitation is very big, most can only be used in a fixed place.

outdoor wireless, portable mini bluetooth speaker, household can outdoor use, can meet the requirements of basic waterproof and fall off, can satisfy a simple outdoor sports, a breakthrough on the portability and water-proof, it broke, the life is in commonly 3 ~ 5 hours of battery life is only a short outdoor activities. As a transitional product of outdoor bluetooth speakers, its price is relatively cheap.

the second category: double the horn sound quality and the perfect combination of portability

this bluetooth speaker points in terms of pronunciation unit has two main speakers, two speakers + a diaphragm, two speakers + inverter holes, two speakers + diaphragm to wait for a few kinds. Mainly divided into household type mini bluetooth speaker on the function and outdoor sport bluetooth speakers.

mini home type speaker on the sound quality has a greater degree of improve can basically meet the use of the vast majority of the population, the sound quality is better small and portable, is basically the size of the palm, suitable for household, modelling diversity differentiation is a kind of good product design of bluetooth speakers. But because he is not specially designed for outdoor sports, product grip, no waterproof drop function, so the main use for indoor sites.

upstart of outdoor sports for bluetooth speakers on the market. He gathered in front of various advantages of several kinds of speakers, speakers hold feeling good for portable, can not only meet the home, also can satisfy the outdoor use for a long time. Its quality can achieve a higher level, better than the general bluetooth speakers, can satisfy the vast majority of users. Because of the need to meet some limit outdoor environment, this type of product with special design on material, usually with a strong anti-corrosion function, its battery life lasting, is in commonly 10 - Between 20 hours. The price range in 400-1500 yuan between. This will be a portable combined with a sound quality of speakers practicability and applicability are good, will become the mainstream of bluetooth speakers after market.

the third class: the horn of large household type

trumpet large household bluetooth speakers mainly by the quality, the price is relatively expensive. Based on the high demand of technical support, its general design production for big brands. This kind of bluetooth speaker is the pursuit of quality of uncapped breakthrough, it is to have high requirements for quality of users against, because of the expensive and relatively small.

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