What is intelligent speakers?

by:HTong      2020-09-24
What is a smart speaker? Briefly said, this kind of product have more artificial operation and function, it's more than a speaker so brief, for example the recent gradually popular net frame, it overthrew the concept of the traditional household speakers, you will be able to use wireless Internet connection, online music player, mobile control, more room to manipulate function combination, providing the user with a brand-new cultural understanding. In order to find intelligent products import, we can see that whether foreign is still the amazon, domestic Tmall, jingdong, Himalayan, millet and other companies are doing the same job, this is an intelligent speaker! It can be connected at home intelligent home appliances, small light bulbs, big refrigerator air conditioning, these smart appliances connected smart speaker, we can easily get through dialogue way to convey intelligent speaker to command in the home, and then control these smart appliances. Not only such, intelligent speakers will also be able to help us find, songs, alarm clocks, telling jokes, etc. From these two points, we can see, intelligent speakers as the center, as imports and intelligent device is the most suitable, so there are so many companies are rushing to do! Intelligent sound is worth to buy? Intelligent sound worth buying now? Now we can see that these companies launched smart speaker, basically is the first the first generation of products, from the perspective of technology products, is bound to have some defects, but assumes that you are smart devices is keen, and even don't care about intelligent speaker current defects, maybe you can start feeling different from artificial intelligence days to grasp! Now, a smart technology is the primary speaker speech recognition, speaker identification information is necessary to accurately, let's say, we can accurately complete instructions, here is amazon intelligent speaker function best, but they can only communicate in English, it doesn't conform to the conditions. In speech recognition of several domestic intelligence speakers basically do not have too big difference, but their characteristics are not the same, for example, taobao and jingdong shopping in the Himalayan broadcast content rich characteristics, millet is intelligent speakers learning function, can develop. So these companies out of intelligent speakers, we completely can choose according to his be fond of.
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