What kind of bluetooth speaker

by:HTong      2020-09-02
Nietzsche said: 'without music, life would be a mistake', music in people's life can say is everywhere, it is able to eliminate the estrangement, interval between people closer. Music is the soul of our lonely, lonely time, good music can purify people's soul, edify people's interest, let a person get inspiration in the day of.

so more and more people in order to get better music experience for broadcast equipment selection are also increasingly demanding carefully.

bluetooth speakers and traditional speaker's greatest difference is that they don't need wire connection, can quietly enjoy music at a variety of ways. Bluetooth speaker with bluetooth wireless connection method instead of traditional wire connection method, make it fast and smart phones, tablets, perhaps laptop cohesion, broadcast music. A bluetooth speaker becomes the best choose when they travel or listening to music.

so what kind of bluetooth speaker?

1, skills, cited widely, enjoy music anytime and anywhere. Because bluetooth skills mature, its standard common throughout the world, so the bluetooth speaker to support bluetooth mobile device or other portable digital equipment fast connection, you can enjoy high quality music.

2, long endurance, advance equipment quality. Now on the market of digital portable devices without too much outgoing quality throughout, bluetooth speakers just can deal with this problem. In addition, in the life, bluetooth speakers are generally more than 10 hours.

3, transmission speed is fast. Compared with other methods, such as infrared, bluetooth transmission protocol has significant advantages in speed, bluetooth 4. 0 theoretical maximum speed reached 24 megabits per second, faster speed will be able to ensure a higher quality, in order to make it to load rate higher music.

4, moderate transmission interval. Bluetooth transmission interval generally within 10 meters, is a range of the room, and can partition to transmit data, is very suitable for household environment.

5, not only the speakers. Bluetooth speakers can make your phone hands-free phones free your hands, now on the market many of the bluetooth speakers but also has the function of the mobile power supply, perhaps even out for outdoor sports, also don't have to worry mobile phone without electricity.

PS: from the point of quality reflect, CD quality data ( 44. 1 KHZ sampling rate, 16 bit sampling accuracy) The effective audio data volume is about 1. 4 mbit, and transfer to CD quality music signal, transmission rate, just keep in 2 mbit per second. About the bluetooth 4 now. 0, completely can do it.

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