What kind of mini speakers better

by:HTong      2020-09-08

a lot of people choose mini speakers, not on its brand, quality, but it's small, portable and functional. So what kind of mini bluetooth speaker is better?

1。 Support card playing

support card playing mini bluetooth speaker, such as support TF card, General phone card) Or SD card ( Camera use calories) The bluetooth speakers, more practical and portability.

2。 3. Line 5 mm audio interface

in addition to bluetooth and card, 3. 5 mm audio line interface also is very be necessary, with this interface, you can with mobile phones, computers have the same interface equipment such as easy connection and to play.

3。 With FM radio function

although a lot of people no longer use the radio, but there are a large part of people need, like the function, suggesting that FM radio function was quite good, tired of listening to music, just listen to the radio, it is also to taste life style. So when buying frequency modulation function of mini bluetooth speaker, is about to see how the receive frequency ( General 87 MHZ - — It is ok to 108 MHZ) To receive a few units.

4。 Supported by the music format

it is very important, when use card to play music, will consider music format, general support card mini bluetooth speaker can play MP3 and WMA format music, but also want to see, the more supported formats is natural, the better.

5。 Playback rate

play rate is higher, the better the quality, when the choose and buy mini bluetooth speaker so persons to be able to support the high byte rate audio speakers, at least need to support 128 KBPS don't have a hissing sound, so you can enjoy a higher quality of music.

6。 Battery type

rechargeable lithium battery is more convenient, but also need more life, if can't work off the socket, or just used wasn't long before the power went out, this is very depressed and disappointed.

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