What was unique about introduction to little bluetooth speakers

by:HTong      2020-09-08
Recently there is a friend to play in the home, see table little bluetooth speaker is very curious, ask & other; What's this, didn't you see the line, also didn't see U disk, is how to play the music? ” Yes for friends don't know little bluetooth speakers, will learn to feel very strange, the sound is through what transmission? Really good, sound loudness is moderate, voice quality can also, on the spot said he also want to such a small bluetooth speakers. Little bluetooth speaker as a mainstream in the audio device, although more friends are used, but there are still a few people don't know little bluetooth speakers, Lily will give you a unique characteristic of small bluetooth speakers do. Transmission distance: bluetooth, as a kind of transmission technology already quite mature, bluetooth version of the currently used in bluetooth 4 more. 2 version, the transmission distance is in commonly 10 meters, is the distance, a room in use process is very convenient. Applied equipment: bluetooth technology is one of the global technology, mobile phones, notebook computers, cars, etc. , as long as carry bluetooth devices, can be easily matched, use little bluetooth speakers. The operation is simple: as an instant technology, bluetooth technology is very simple to operate, only need to open the switch of little bluetooth speakers and bluetooth pairing is successful, can easily use little bluetooth speakers. The speed is also very good: bluetooth 4. 2 transfer protocol has obvious advantages in speed, transmission speed faster, faster speed can guarantee a higher quality. Above is the main characteristics of little bluetooth speakers are widely used, pay attention to the above characteristics, at the same time pay attention to the bluetooth speakers on the horn and chip selection make good decisions, little bluetooth speaker is a good audio equipment, accompany you. More information please see the official website
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