When buying a Wifi speaker should pay attention to the audio hardware

by:HTong      2020-09-26

when buying a Wifi speaker should pay attention to the audio hardware

choose suitable placement

from the current HiFi speakers based on Wifi wireless transmission technology, the price is generally achieved several thousand yuan, the most expensive nearly 8000 yuan, when consumer is choosing must also open your eyes. For HiFi sound box, very stressed material, speakers on the parts and materials, wire work are implemented according to the traditional HiFi products of high standards.

in order to achieve the purpose of accurate sound, audio hardware configuration is very important. When the choice to focus on whether the high, medium and low independent voices, respectively driven by independent amplifier, avoid influence each other. Independent drive voice, even if low frequency power amplifier system is pushing to close to the limit, high frequency remains unaffected, keep clear and loud. While & quot; Coaxial unit & quot; Technology can make a more natural sound effect, the high unit hidden in medium and low sounds, music from the same point, regardless of the low frequency and intermediate frequency or high frequency, can be transmitted by the drive unit.

some HiFi speakers create a broad & quot; The best listening area & quot; , not little avail location limitation and enjoy the excellent sound quality. 'High performance' ring transformer active speaker bottom to minimize the noise and put an end to electromagnetic interference, for senior HiFi amplifier system configuration level.

from the design point of view, some HiFi speakers with desktop or feet two modes, can choose according to put the position on the main speaker, if too close to the wall still can use sound insulation sponge absorbs excess bass reflex.

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