When you have a murmur of computer speakers

by:HTong      2020-09-24

now electronic products has become an indispensable part in our life, but the use of electronic products and unavoidably will encounter all sorts of problems, when encounter problems can have some tips to help is the best. Ha ha, small make up or very understand you mind? The use of computers are very common now, a lot of people are configured for his PC computer speakers, but sometimes can appear murmurs, and I don't know how to solve, is a headache.

in general, computer speakers to sputter is has the following several ways:

1. First determine the speakers or the computer the question. Will computer volume silently, speakers up, if there is 'rip rip' voice is the speaker's problem, if not, is the computer the question. If the speaker problem, to repair or buy a new one; If the computer problem, if change the new interface is broken, no sound card, may be the inside of the computer for audio processing chip or circuit is broken, have to replace the mainboard, use the sound card, may be is a question of sound card, suggest you try using a sound card.

2。 See if speakers joint with the computer connection is good. Amp plug connected to the computer host jack did not good, can also lead to speakers appear 'rip rip' current sound.

3。 Current and electromagnetic interference. Stray electromagnetic interference are common, speaker wire, frequency divider, a wireless device or computer host will be interference sources. Will be the main speaker in the permit conditions as far as possible away from the computer mainframe, and reduce the surrounding wireless devices.

4。 The volume is too big. Some computer speakers, volume too large, also can appear noise. This is because the power amplifier output power may be small, cannot avoid big music instantaneous dynamic peak signal, or is caused by overload distortion loudspeakers. So the volume is not so big.

5。 If the above solution haven't, click on the [ Start] →( The control panel] →( Hardware and sound] →( Realtek hd audio manager] →( Equipment advanced Settings] -> select 'all the jacks are separated into single input device', click 'OK' with respect to OK.

in general, the above is the situation of the computer speakers to sputter, and also puts forward the solution, small make up sincerely hope that these tips can help you. In addition, if you have added also welcome oh, we as a professional manufacturer of the speaker, is will continue to accumulate experience and knowledge, let oneself constantly progress.

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