Why WiFi technology, of course, healthy and vigorous bluetooth speaker is still the main stream

by:HTong      2020-08-27
Based on the technology of the WiFi intelligent speaker has become today's speakers homework tuyere, trust many families are now standard on intelligent speakers products. Noted speakers, however, our today's most thriving HiFi bluetooth speaker is still the most main listening products, what's the difference between the two? Today let's talk about WiFi speaker and bluetooth speaker should be how to choose. WiFi technology now open is very sophisticated, our daily life roots fled without WiFi, in their mobile phone, computer, tablet, and even now the intelligent lug plate, intelligent lamp, intelligent speakers. 。 。 。 。 。 Regardless of the Internet may be home intelligent device connection, demand under the blessing of the wi-fi technology to adjust to normal operation. In time of speakers and bluetooth audio connection category can be said to be more difficult: all aspects of both bandwidth is still the transmission distance is far below the level of the WiFi ( As shown above) , even though the above is not plug in bluetooth aptX HD, LDAC these high quality transmission protocols, although these protocols largely narrowed the distance between the two, but for now, bluetooth transmission speed is not better than WiFi. So why say bluetooth speaker is still the main stream? We then looked down. Trust many to the scene to grasp WiFi speaker friends will yell WiFi speaker dynamic, because the WiFi speaker has Great Wall only to move, just WiFi access via mobile phones in the same WiFi cover area can end control of the speakers, so transmission distance problems, like bluetooth speaker signal block problem can directly influence the listening, and WiFi speaker completely unafraid. But even so, WiFi speaker still has a very serious problem: most of the WiFi speakers understand shop can supply mobile phones, rather than allow you to use your mobile phone connection WiFi speakers. Since almost all WiFi speakers are necessary by exclusive APP can join, and again from mobile phones to speakers, connected to the same WiFi and matching process is very complex. And WiFi speaker delay is extremely high, so basically can only be used for music playback, part of the product in the movies, the game will draw out of sync problem. This led directly to the WiFi in your house speaker can only give you their mobile phone use, friends come to home to spend a few minutes the first software, matching speakers to end speakers Shared, but more people think we are back to try the roots is impossible in the ~ and most WiFi speaker now only support their own procedures and AirPlay, Q Play music streaming software, or through voice recognition in the interior of the baseband channels broadcast. Assume that you normally use is other music way or some other player software, the music playback will become a big problem. Just like Sonos Beam, although it can be compatible with domestic and foreign each big way in the mobile phone software to find the/play music, but assuming you everyday mobile phone use some other incompatible listening program, then you have a need to tape. Bluetooth speakers controllability, by contrast, would be a good many. Although bluetooth speakers cannot reach perfect nondestructive sound transmission, but the aptX, LDAC these high quality bluetooth transmission protocol can still bring us almost close to the nondestructive quality follow, this music lovers about general difference is very small, almost negligible. After all, let's take the high-end bluetooth speakers sound qing HD3 to take a chestnut: sound with HD3 this amp has no WiFi, also not smart, but the speaker with built-in decoder, choose bluetooth 5. 0 + aptX HD, unique external antenna, let a bluetooth wireless transmission is more assured. This amp with 18 cm x10. 5 cm x 14 cm of small volume with concave and convex points frequency planning of two units, can be done with all the money you spend quality to reward for you. Written at the last, the future, improve local has many WiFi speaker product demand, we are waiting for the high-end speaker products can through the WiFi high bandwidth to transmit higher quality. But for now, the high quality bluetooth protocol completely satisfy HiFi products for consumption level. And besides bandwidth, intelligent these elements, bluetooth speaker is more controllable and promotion. When future bluetooth audio can turn over to the real condition, I'm afraid of WiFi speaker also only applied to intelligent control category.
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