Wi - Fi speakers and bluetooth stereo, buy which good?

by:HTong      2020-09-26
The technology development of bluetooth and WIFI technology development is two trees. Bluetooth is for equipment to link, WIFI is based on network communication, the two biggest difference lies in whether support equipment connected to the Internet. In today s, any hardware device is a crowded broken head to mobile Internet access, because big data and mobile operation is the inevitable trend of future all hardware and user standard, must have the same bike as older generation is married, married a new generation must have the money to the same team. Of course there are out of network equipment market, nature is to be marginalized in the future. NFC is a kind of radio frequency to connect technique, can't afford to. Millet's theory, the product and user word of mouth is the key. 2015 will be a variety of intrusive brand WIFI speaker schools of thought contend, more than a dozen domestic currently is prepared for online, to prepare the product manufacturer to a handful. But millet theory, product and user reputation is crucial. WIFI speaker's biggest problem is still lies in the user experience, it is better than a bluetooth sophisticated and simple. To make a good bike and a car plane difference is quite big, although is transportation. Looking forward to the individual predictions once the professional fire heat and sophisticated, products have naturally evolved to about the same, we will hear more abundant audio content and quality of good music, more simple and more abundant. The bluetooth has emerged, almost is like this, the future is still due to the evolution of the human, with the same hardware conjunction of evolution. Advocate sophisticated after buying our products experience will be better, if you have interest to witness a product of a brand of a profession since the childhood, can focus on.
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