Wireless bluetooth speakers use and maintenance method

by:HTong      2020-09-04
Has a their favorite wireless bluetooth speakers, we always hope that it can longer service life, despite the loss of time, also want to accompany with their favorite wireless bluetooth speakers. So how to guarantee the use of wireless bluetooth speakers live longer? In use process need us then pay more attention to the details. Using the environment in general wireless bluetooth speakers is a very strong plasticity, high strength engineering plastics or thin metal, in use process should avoid direct sunlight; Do not place heavy objects on the speakers more, lest the shell deformation; Avoid collisions with sharp objects, scratches the surface of the wireless bluetooth speakers. Also note the wireless bluetooth speakers using the environment temperature of 18 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, the temperature is too low will reduce some parts? Such as tube bluetooth sensitivity of the power amplifier. Note shut down much of the wireless bluetooth speakers, are using built-in rechargeable lithium battery configuration, when not using wireless bluetooth speaker should pay attention to shut off the power, this will increase the wireless bluetooth speakers single life, not only save energy and more green environmental protection, prolong the service life of the battery at the same time. Volume in the use of wireless bluetooth speakers enjoy music, to avoid will the volume of the speakers to maximum when the phone is switched on, just because the speaker when the phone is switched on components has not been preheating stage, larger volume will make it work at full capacity, in an instant heating element is damaged, so for a long time can make some internal fragile audio component failure. In each time USES wireless bluetooth speakers, it is best to use soft music in the case of medium volume preheating 10 minutes, it ADAPTS to the machine components such as, use it to play is not late. The same wireless bluetooth speaker why some people can use a few years, and some people are just a few months there will be a kind of problem, it is not only related to the mass of the wireless itself, is also closely related with the use of wireless bluetooth speakers. Say so many bluetooth speakers use method, did you write down? Above, images and data from: reprint please indicate the source. More piece recommendation: bluetooth speakers don't have electricity, how to recharge the bluetooth speakers?
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