Wireless bluetooth speakers which sound quality good?

by:HTong      2020-08-29

this is a man who likes to play all the year round speakers recommended several wireless bluetooth speakers, you can refer to see:

to say what kind of bluetooth speaker sound quality is good, but in the current market, or a lot of bluetooth speakers can choose, such as:




above these a few are in bluetooth speaker is one of the great reputation, and is also a positive reputation in the industry.

don't say they each product is belong to the sentiment, but there is always one or two paragraph is worth to buy.



this play I guess as long as it is a perennial speakers, should all know this.

this bluetooth speaker both in appearance and quality, have Bose exclusive taste is special.

especially in terms of quality, as always in the bass side is attracted to the human ear. Bose mostly belongs to the bass atmosphere foil is great, but because of the bass sound atmosphere is very thick, caused the high band slightly almost, after that I have heard many amp is felt, you don't pay attention to is hard to find.

however, the sound is clean enough, won't appear the words is not clear.

so if you like the bass, suggest you buy it.


this is a more expensive than Bose buy bluetooth speakers.

personal feeling is the price or slightly higher.

although the speaker sound is very beautiful, the things can hear a lot of detail, the volume is big, open to the whole house can be heard.

however, the lack of some deficiency is the bass.

this is absolutely not as good as Bose.


this paragraph in the mainland's fame is not particularly big, but inside the bluetooth speakers, a rare quality is good.

this is to belong to listen to the bluetooth type resistance, reduction degree is quite high, articulation is also a major bright spot.

however, its appearance is not in accord with our aesthetic of mainlanders. A lot of people in the case of don't know it, estimate will not select it, appearance looks a bit heavy.

4, Wecele U - ONE

this is ONE of the rare three frequency balanced bluetooth speakers.

in front of so many bluetooth speakers, even quite famous Bose bluetooth speakers are unable to do the three frequency equilibrium.

but this is, indeed, triple frequency equilibrium of bluetooth speakers, I have heard about a small half a year's time, just not transferred to a lot of problems in terms of sound quality.

three frequency balanced bluetooth speakers biggest advantage is low, or Alt is at a certain frequency do the most perfect, and people listening to the sounds of each age appropriate.

5,索尼SRS - X88

this bluetooth speaker is a star.

Alt is very bright, bass also has a certain amount. But the bass than Bose, are not enough, some to reservation.

however, due to the high very bright, so when listening to light music, comfortable, sound is very clear.

the hollowness sound field is more obvious, even in the first place will immediately seize the human ear bluetooth speakers.

overall feeling SRS - X88 walk is a partial fine tuning style, was one of those quiet listening style.

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