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Dongguan Hai Tong Electrical Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specialized in solar radios, dynamo radios, multi-band radios, and all kinds of kid's toy walkie talkies including mini style, watch style and hanging style.


Various kinds of different moulds can be made according to customer's requirements.





Dongguan Hai Tong Electrical Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specialized in solar radios, dynamo radios, multi-band radios, and all kinds of kid's toy walkie talkies including mini style, watch style and hanging style...


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Reflections on amateur channels
Radio spectrum is a kind of natural resources shared by human beings and one of the basic elements of the development of modern society. By studying its basic properties, we know that spectrum is different from other resources. It can be used but not consumed; if it is misused, it is wasteful. Radio technology will be widely used and deeply penetrated into all fields of social production and life. Facing the open door of the new century and standing on the new starting line, our young generation is shouldering the responsibility of connecting the past with the future. If, from now on, we make full use of the almost idle amateur frequency band, with the support and guidance of the relevant departments, and through reasonable development and proper management, we will train a batch of talents who master radio technology and adapt to the trend of the times. Then we can push the whole society to the information age by promoting the technological progress of various industries. Let us cherish the radio spectrum
Radio listeners in the era of Internet
As a teenager, I seemed to learn about the outside world mainly through a homemade ore radio. When I became a young man, it was my wish to have a portable semiconductor radio. After that, it seemed that before I knew it, I slowly estranged from the radio with so many people, even though I had so many radios, big and small. Also, in the cultural market at present, there are so many newspapers and periodicals, TV channels can not be selected, who still pay attention to capture the sound of the announcer fluttering in the sky? Among the three major media, the newspaper, the television and the radio, Newspapers flourished, television flourished, and broadcasting seemed to be a bit of a "shortage of cars and horses in front of the door." Memories of sitting around a radio in the '60s and' 70s listening to live sports games made life feel like a different world.
Frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, short wave, long wave
What is FM (FM), amplitude modulation (AM), short wave (SW), long wave (LW)? There are AM and FM bands on general radios or cassette recorders. I believe you are all familiar with these bands. These two bands are used for listening to domestic radio. If there is a SW band on the radio, then in addition to the domestic shortwave radio, You can also listen to radio programs from all over the world. To give you a better understanding of radio usage, here's a simple explanation of what AM,FM,SW,LW is. In fact, AM and FM refer to two different modulation modes in wireless electricity:. AM: Amplitude Modulation is called amplitude modulation, and FM: Frequency Modulation is called frequency modulation. Only in general the medium wave broadcast (MW: Medium Wave) uses the amplitude modulation (AM) method, unconsciously, the MW and the AM draw the equal sign. In fact, MW is just a lot of broadcasts using AM modulation, such as the modulation mode used in international short-wave broadcasting in high frequency (3



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